Nana O’Young’s 10th Anniversary Concert
4.28 The first Boston Berklee Performance Hall
opened for the “BerkleeScholarship Public Welfare”
Boston is a city full of international students and there are countless budding talents being cultivated through the universities there. However, there are not many living on Boston campuses who have become famous and have earned considerable industry recognition,
Nana Ouyang, with all the aura of a star came to the Berklee Conservatory of Music in Boston. Just Like us, she started her study abroad life in the United States.
On April 28, 2019 in Berklee, Boston,
18-year-old Nana Ouyang ushered in the first performance of her 10th anniversary concert tour.
Is this also her 117th concert?
“The Dream is Real”
is the theme she titled this concert.
“The Dream is Real”
In the past 10 years, accompanied by music,
dreams have been realized one by one…
It seems Nana hopes this concert will be like she’s leading everyone
to take a rocket together?
Fly to the sky of dreams accompanied by beautiful music…
Overseas Students Foundation exclusively sponsors Nana Ouyang’s 10th anniversary concert in Boston. As an advocate of the concept of leadership growth for the international student community in the United States, Overseas Students Foundation is committed to initiating and hosting activities with a sense of mission and positive efficacy of the times, empowering the growth of Asian international students’ personal and organizational growth, creating a healthy, fulfilling and rewarding study abroad experience.
Since 2012, we have paid attention to the needs of international students in the United States, successfully organized large-scale activities for international students in New York, Boston, and California, provided free airport pick-ups and other public service projects, and supported hundreds of international student public welfare activities; Simultaneously we never cease to support the growth and development of young international students, and hope to continue to stimulate the thinking and potential of international student leaders while delivering positive energy.