Event Preview of Overseas Students Foundation

Founded in 2019, the Overseas Students Foundation is dedicated to the growth of the international student community. We organize and support public welfare projects for international students; promote the leadership development of young international students; at the same time, we continue to explore the future development and potential of international students while delivering positive energy. The first “International Student Youth Leadership Forum” organized by the Overseas Students Foundation will be held in New York in 2020. The “International Student Youth Leadership Forum” will become one of the most influential youth leadership exchange platforms in North America.

The theme of the first “International Student Youth Leadership Forum” is: self-realization, social contribution, and contemporary thinking. At that time, heavyweight guests from the industry and academia will gather together with nearly one hundred invited international student leaders from all over the United States to discuss in-depth issues related to international students. The first “International Student Youth Leadership Forum” designed a wealth of content and events. In addition to the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, round table forums, lunch learning sessions, and leadership courses, it also arranged fireside talks, exchange receptions, and festivals, banquets and many other exciting events

We sincerely invite outstanding entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are passionate about education and empathize with the international student community, as well as nearly one hundred international student leaders to attend this event. Representatives of international students will gather with guests, seniors, and peers to gain cross-cultural vision and strategic thinking, as well as cross-industry leadership experience and ways of thinking.

In 2020, the future leadership of young international students will be jointly written by us.

The Organizing Committee of the First “International Student Youth Leadership Forum”