Council of Overseas Students Foundation


Mr. Wang Zhaonan

Named Young Entrepreneur, and a Top Ten Chinese Outstanding Young People in the United States in 2018, the first founder of an American educational institution to receive an invitation to film a documentary for Phoenix Satellite TV.

Mr. Wang Zhaonan oversees over ten businesses in the United States, and his investment fields include the American entertainment industry, food and beverage industry, and media conglomerates. Mr. Wang Zhaonan stands firm by his intention to lead his team to create an enterprise that will enhance the lives of international students, bring happiness to customers and employees, and at the same time promote cultural and educational exchanges between China and the United States. Mr. Wang Zhaonan’s compassion for international students and his outstanding social influence will surely resonate strongly among young international students.

Secretary General

Ms. Maggie Wang

Focus on international education and cooperation to promote equity in educational resources.

Graduated from Beijing Normal University in 2011. prior to 2012, she was a volunteer teacher. From 2013 to 2016, Ms. Wang worked in New Oriental Education Group. In 2016, she co-founded an international education institution with revenues of 100 million+.After graduating from Columbia University with a Master’s in Public Administration, Ms. Wang was the chairman of the Columbia University delegation to China, and an admission ambassador at Columbia University. She organized and led political policy experts and leaders from more than 50 countries and regions to visit China and the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for four consecutive years, as well as government departments of the National Development and Reform Commission, and outstanding private companies including Tencent, Alibaba, DJI, and Chucheng, scholars, student representatives, and future leaders, while promoting direct contact and exchanges between Chinese and American students, and between students from China and the world.

Member of the Council

Professor David Chang

Former principal of NYU-Poly
Former supervisor at NYU
Member of the Council on Foreign Relations of the United States
Senior member of the American Chinese elite organization “Commission of 100”
Former member and chairman of the New York City Education Management Committee

Professor David Chang is one of the only three Chinese presidents of universities in the United States. At the same time, as an internationally renowned expert in electromagnetism, he has written many books, won the Millennium Medal of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and was elected as a lifelong academician. Professor Chang is active in the field of public service and international cooperation, and has made outstanding contributions to Sino-US friendship and education. Professor Chang’s great achievements in the academic and business fields, his support of r the international student community, and his outstanding social influence will surely inspire young international students.

Member of the Council

Mr. Ren Xiangdong

Director of the Los Angeles Post
President of the All-American Chinese Youth Federation
President of the American Chinese Public Diplomacy Promotion Association

In 2004, he initiated and founded the first American Chinese Youth Federation, a new-generation Chinese society.
In 2011, he initiated and founded the first non-governmental public diplomacy think tank organization composed of Chinese immigrants-American Chinese Public Diplomacy Promotion Association.

Activities founded and hosted include “National Top 10 Chinese Outstanding Young People”, “National Chinese 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30”, “California Chinese 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs” and other influential and credible awards in the United States, as well as “Top Ten News of the Chinese Association in Southern California”.

Mr. Ren has won awards including “Outstanding Youth”, “Young Leaders”, and “Vision Award”.

Member of the Council

Ms. Chen Li Wanruo

The first female mayor of Chinese descent in the United States. She is currently the executive director of the “East-West Center” of the US State Department. At the same time, she was also a senior government adviser to five presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, and was appointed by the US Department of Defense as the general counsel for women in the armed forces, and a visiting professor at the Department of Social Work at UCLA.

Ms. Chen Liwanruo was awarded the “Los Angeles Ten Outstanding Women Award” by the “Los Angeles City Association” in the United States; the “Outstanding Citizen Award” by the Jewish “Anti-Defamation League”; “Angel Award” from the Southern California Asia Pacific Legal Center; “Women of Distinction Award” from the Asian Pacific Women’s Alliance.

Member of the Council

Mr. Wang Yan

Former CEO of
Head of Sina Yangfan Public Welfare Fund

Mr. Wang Yan’s enthusiasm for education and philanthropy, his support for the international student community, his outstanding social influence, and his experience and vision as a successful entrepreneur and outstanding social activist will surely inspire young international students, stimulate cross-cultural vision and across-industry way of thinking that benefits young people’s lives

Member of the Council

Mr. Wang Gongquan

Senior Partner of IDG Venture Capital Fund Partner
Founder of CDH Venture Capital Fund

Mr. Wang Gongquan’s enthusiasm for education and philanthropy, his support for the international student community, his outstanding social influence, and his experience and vision as a successful entrepreneur and outstanding social activist will surely inspire young international students and stimulate cross-cultural vision and cross-cultural awareness that will surely benefit young people for life.

Member of the Council

Mr. Tian Liying

Former Vice President of Sina Weibo

Mr. Tian Liying has boundless enthusiasm and profound devotion to education. He firmly believes in the power of education, which can change destiny. In order to provide better opportunities and resources for overseas students, he dedicates his time and energy, and encourage international students to give full play to their potential and pursue excellence.

In addition, Mr. Tian Liying’s valuable workplace experience has brought him excellent management and leadership skills. These unique values allow him to better help and support the international student community.